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At Physical Therapy Associates of Smithtown we have many years of experience treating general

lower back pain, herniated & bulging discs, whiplash, sacroiliac dysfunctions, spinal arthritis, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, lumbar & cervical stenosis, facet dysfunction, headaches, sprains & strains, etc.


Physical therapy not only rehabilitates post-surgical back and neck patients, but can actually help avoid undergoing invasive procedures. If surgery is required, attending PT first can help strengthen musculature, possibly shortening recovery time.

physiotherapist-massaging-woman-s-upper-back-pain (1).jpg

Our physical therapists treat acute and chronic injuries. Whether your injury has just occurred or has been nagging you for several years, we are trained to evaluate, diagnose, and create an appropriate treatment plan for your condition. Your plan of care is always customized to fit each individual patients' needs, always considering your functional limitations.

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